Past vs. Present


Today’s life is fast and furious, like the movie. Full of fast cars, fast foods and a furiously, hectic lifestyle, ever changing in both fashion and technology. Just when you think you have got the hang of a new computer programme, it changes. Cellular phones are forever becoming smarter and children have seemed to forgotten how to be children. The people of today think that they are entitled to almost everything. Respect and discipline have gotten lost along the way. The true meaning of life seems to be almost forgotten.

The older generation seems to cling to the “old way” of doing things. Trying to keep the principles alive and to instil them in the young generation who just seem to ignore it. Given, there are those of the younger generation that seem to want to revert back to the easier times of The Past and I salute them.

In our days, life seemed to be more simple, more at ease. Children played in the streets with each other, games that did not include any technology were the rage. Folk sat on the stoep (front porch) in the evenings, watching the kids at play and chatting to your neighbours. Respect was earn in the workplace and children actually listened to their parents. Dinner was home cooked and eaten around the dining room table not in front of the Television. Weekends were the “fast food” times as a treat. Families were units then. No cellular telephones as yet and when you were out nobody could disturb you. No text messages, no sitting with a cell phone in hand at restaurants. Rules and regulations were adhered to.

Life was slower……. Then it all changed when technology burst into full existence with a vengeance.

Past vs. Present……. Being of the older generation I yearn for the days of old…… much simpler and much more restful.


What is the true meaning of a Legacy?

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The general meaning of a Legacy is either money or property that is bequeathed to you or for something handed down from one generation to the next.

I was lying awake the other night and wondering what I would be leaving as a legacy then it dawned on me……

My legacy is my children and grandchildren, what I have instilled in my sons will be passed down to their children just as what my mother instilled in me that I had passed onto my sons.

The same as “putting down roots”, I have been living a gypsy type life and have moved around quite a bit from house to house and have no set roots regarding that but my boys are my roots. They are strong and secure and even though they may also move around a bit they are a part of me.

So when I pass onto the Higher Plain of Life one day in the far future I have peace of mind now knowing that I have made an impact on this world albeit only through my sons and grandchildren and what they have taken out of what I have taught them about life.  To be strong and compassionate, to respect others and life. To live life to the fullest and never have any regrets. To take the chances given to you and never be ashamed of who you are.

They will pass it onto their future children and so my legacy will grow over time.

Simple Pleasures

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A hot cup of tea between cold hands

Hot toast with melting butter

Peanut butter and syrup sarmie

The first bite of a decadent dessert.

Smell of freshly washed sheets containing the sunshine in there fibres

Fragrance of a freshly cut lawn

The sound of a child’s unbridled carefree laughter

A soft warm blanket on a cold night

The feeling of a small child’s arms around your neck

Puppy breathe

Sunrises and sunsets

The sounds of rain falling on the dry ground.

The sound of birds around you

The sound of pure silence

A Hug

A Smile

The sound of laughter

The sound of the ocean

Sinking into your bed at night

A Hot bubble bath by candle light

Oh the list can go on and on………

What to Speak or what not to Speak……that is the question?


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How many of us realise that we speak Spiritual Death over ourselves nearly every day? Words like “I am dead tired”, “I could have died with laughter”, “You kill me”, etc. How many of us speak ill of ourselves and so speak low esteem and insecurities over ourselves? Or even when you talk bad about another person, do you realise what you are speaking over their lives?
Most of us don’t even realise it. Calling yourself “an idiot”, keep on saying “I am tired”, “I am poor”, “I am ill”, etc. you are actually speaking those things over yourself, over your life. Calling your children lazy, stupid, failures, etc. is speaking low esteem and insecurities over their lives and will follow them into adulthood.
We need to heed our words before they leave our mouths. We need to think before we speak. We speak death over ourselves every single day and we wonder why we are the way we are. You start to believe what you are telling yourself.
You need to stand in front of a mirror every day and tell yourself how awesome you are, how fantastic you look, how smart you are. Tell your children how clever they are, build them up instead of breaking them down. Stop the hurtful words before they leave your mouth, once out there they can never be retracted and words can hurt more than the breaking of bones.
Stop pulling yourself down and start to Build yourself up.
Stop listening to what others say about you.
Words can inspire you, create you, feed you but can also harm you, pull you down and break you.
Words can kill as well as bring life.
So build up and stop breaking down.
Be positive
Be happy with who you are.
And love yourself.

The Peace Within

Forgiveness is Freedom

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Yesterday I was listening to a programme and the topic was about Peace, not the world peace but the peace within each of us. How many of us realise that the peace we all search for is within us and we all just need to learn how to access it. It is not an easy route to follow but once you are on that road it becomes so much easier to access until it is full blown alive and accessible to whenever you need it.

First one must learn that to be at peace with the world around you and towards others you have to be at peace with yourself. You need to accept who you are, warts and all.

Then one must learn to Trust. Yes, to trust in yourself, to learn to go with that gut feeling that leads to peace. When you don’t feel right about doing something or saying something then don’t go with it. If it is right you will have a great sense of peace about it then, even if others say it isn’t right, you go along and do it.

Then there is a thing called Humility. One of the hardest things to live by. Our Egos are a very real thing and to live with humility is a big step for most of us. We have a lot of pride in ourselves and we need to let it go.

Letting go…….. Another hard rule to live by. We need to realise that holding onto small petty things is a waste of time and energy. Is it really a train smash that our men leave the toilet seat up, want to watch sport all Saturday (make Sunday the family time), etc? One cannot change a person, you can only change your attitude about the things around you that irritate you.

Then the most important step of all……. Forgiveness!

I think that this maybe the hardest step of all. Be the peacemaker even if you are not in the wrong. Be the one to show others that forgiveness is not such a bad thing. Forgiveness is more for you that for the other person. You are the one that will gain by all that peace, not having all that anger inside you. Remember, the other person has long forgotten what they have said and did and moved on…….you are the one that is harbouring all that bitterness and it is not good for your mental and physical health

I think that it all starts with you as a person gaining all that inner peace and that in turn spreads out to those around you. They see how peaceful and serene you are and want what you have, which in turns spreads to more and more people. Then, who knows, maybe it will spill into World Peace…….

Be Blessed out here.

Woman! (for Woman’s Month)

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In the beginning God made woman from man, He took a part of the man’s rib and fashioned her and saw that it was good.

Man is made up of pure logic and physical strength, he was made to be the provider, the protector of the woman, the protector of Life.

Now a woman is made up of the pure emotion side of life, she is a complex person, she is the one who has so many roles in life. She is a nurturer of life, she is the protector of life, she is also a provider of life, she is the comforter, the nurse, the educator and so much more.

She will always put those she loves first in her life.

She is full of wonder and light.

She is a mystery to Man.

She is Life.

A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. - Gloria Stuart

The Bucket List

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The Bucket List………that list that we all have of things we would love to do before we “kick the bucket”.

How many of us get to actually do some of the things on that list? Then again how many of us change that list or even add to it.

I can say that I have changed it a few times but there have been a few things that have stayed. I can also boast of having done a few of the things on my list. I love having a Bucket List, I love adding to it, changing it and even more being able to cross off what I have done or achieved. It is like putting your short-term and long-term goals down on paper and actually working on them.

Some of the things I could cross off:

Sky diving

Open my own small business

Go to gym for more than a year

Start a blog (I have started 2)

Go on a Safari

Some of the things I still want to do:

Go up in a Hot Air Balloon

Fly Business Class

Experience/view a breath-taking event

Travel abroad

Travel locally


These are just a few of the Wonderous things that I would still like to do. So share with me some of your Bucket List items……. I would love to hear them.