I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!

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Change, how I use to dread change of any kind. I use to hate moving house and  I have moved quite a good few times, since childhood I can count 13 times to be exact. Makes you actually realise why I use to hate change (and moving). But yes, change of any sort I kinda cringed at it. I would spiral into a spat of depression at the thought of having to give up the comfort zone that I had created.

But look at me know! I have come to embrace change and even encourage it. I have started to open my mind to the amazing opportunities that are out there. To leave my comfort zone and go and explore the unknown. I have moved to a province 4 years ago on my own and far away from any safety net of family and I love the freedom of it. I loved the absolute stunned reactions to those close around me when I did this. I have started to study again and to expand my mind. I have allowed myself to become a new version of my old self.

Change is good for you, it allows you to explore that which is around you. To head into avenues that you have always avoided. Comfort zones are good but it can be boring and you will find yourself becoming stagnate.

Now I am not saying to go and be a daredevil and do dangerous things but go and try out new things, move house into a new area, step out of that comfort zone and live your life to the max. Go out there and voice your opinions, be brave and cut your hair into a daring new hairstyle, colour it outrageously. Go skydiving, go on a safari that you have always wanted to go on, try a new sport, and go on that adventure that you have always dreamed of. Write that novel that is sitting in your head, become that poet you think that you are. Stop worrying what others will think of you and reinvent yourself.

Now, I am not just meaning Change in the sense of clothes, work, house and the physical things, I am also talking about change in yourself. Stop being a doormat, learn to say No and actually mean it. Stop being a pushover and let someone else take the limelight for a change. Be more accepting of others and their faults, be more human, become more independent, say what you mean and mean what you say. Stop being a real arrogant A-hole and actually listen to those around you. Stop being that ‘pleasing others’ person and stand up for yourself.

Oh I can go on and on but I think you kinda get the message.

Go ahead and conquer that deep fear inside you.

I am changing my way of thinking on a daily basis and yes, I know it is hard but if I can do it at my age, you sure can……

Change……how I relish it now!


The Cheese

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Captain, my Captain

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On social media people often post that “Do you have any regrets?” and to comment below on what they are. Or “What would you change if you could?” In the beginning I would actually speculate on what I would change if I could. I would think of all the “regrets” that I could muster up. Things that I could change, different conversations, people that I would rather have avoided till I really got to thinking about it. To actually sit back and study the past and all it had to give.

Yes, it would have been nice to have rather gone backpacking after school across Europe instead of getting involved and marrying so young. Yes, if I had paid more attention to myself instead of immersing myself into bringing up my children I may have been in a different place today. So many things to change but then, if I could change them, I would not have had all those amazing life lessons. Yes amazing even if they did not seem so at the time. One can truly look back and see the truth in them.

If I had not married early in life I would not have had my kids and seen them grow up into amazing young men. I would not see them become such family orientated young men if I had not been so immersed in their upbringing. I must have done something right there. I would not have learnt how to be the person I am today. To see the growth in myself as a result of all those “regrets” and “things I could change”. Given some of those I could do without but then would I have become the strong person I am today?

So, to me, I can now seriously admit, there is actually nothing I would want to change of my past. My past is what defines me, made me who I am today. I am who I am now as a direct result of all the bad that I went through.

A true saying indeed…. “I am the Captain of my own destiny”.  Or as Frankie sang…..”I did it my way!”study

It is all about the Attitude!

Dread is expecting to have an unpleasant experience.

Do everything for and unto the Lord….. Do the dishes for Him, the ironing, the cleaning, the shopping, going to work, etc. (It works as I have done it, do it all with a smile)

Dread is a close relative to Fear and it sucks out all your joy.

Don’t let fear rule.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself….. A pity party is not nice to have and you are the only one having it.

Try to find (look) something good in everything…..play the Glad Game.

Look for the lesson in every trial, however big or small.

Learn something new about yourself.

Do something new to stop your life from being stagnant.

Learning adds excitement to your life.

Learn a new way to respond to old problems.

If we do not grow and learn in our life then it is a wasted life.

Don’t get a “give up” attitude when your problems surround you, find a new way to deal with them.

Don’t let your problems (no matter how hard they get) define you and make you weak.

Make a new friend.

Complaint fasting

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How many of us really take note of all the complaining that we do every day, every hour, and every minute of the day.

We complain about the weather….. It is either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. We complain about the economy, about our children, about our fellow neighbours, the car is too dirty, tired of cleaning the house, after the children, after the pets…… The list can go on and on and on.

We even complain about ourselves….. We are to fat, too thin, to old, to young, to grey, to stupid, to eager….. Etc.

Maybe you should do a complaint fasting….. You know, when you feel a complaint edging towards your mouth or thought put a halt to it. Stop the complaints and rather try and turn the complaint into a blessing or a turnabout…. Turn the complaint into something good instead.

Try to find the good instead of the negative. Try it for a week and see what happens in your life. You will find yourself more positive, smiling more and generally you will have a more “feel good” experience of life.

As the old saying goes…….Life is too short. Less complaining is good, more positive vibes need to go out into the Universe. Let it bounce off you onto the next person….. Cause a ripple effect into the world around you.

So I am laying down a challenge to you out there, especially to the avid complainers……… Try the complaint fasting for a week and let me know how it went.

I am going to do it…….

A gift called Life

A gift called Life

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As we get older we tend to be a tad more philosophical I think. Well, I seem to be, anyway. I tend to look back at my life and see how the threads of all the trials and tribulations, all the meetings and events seems to all collide at a central end point. All the lessons learnt through it all. All the wisdom that I can depart onto my children and to those who want to listen and learn by my mistakes and take the shortcut through theirs.

Life is about the messy bits in life. I like to think that life would be extremely boring and bland if we didn’t have it.

Would I change anything in my life? Maybe just one or two things but on the whole I would not change anything. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have all the knowledge, wisdom and empathy that I have now.

Life is exciting with all its knocks. To look back and see the reason behind all the trials and tribulations is amazing. Not nice to go through it at the time but it makes us stronger should we allow it to.

I start each day with a “thank you” to our Creator for allowing me another day.

Life is a blessing, a gift and we must never forget it.

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What is the true meaning of a Legacy?

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The general meaning of a Legacy is either money or property that is bequeathed to you or for something handed down from one generation to the next.

I was lying awake the other night and wondering what I would be leaving as a legacy then it dawned on me……

My legacy is my children and grandchildren, what I have instilled in my sons will be passed down to their children just as what my mother instilled in me that I had passed onto my sons.

The same as “putting down roots”, I have been living a gypsy type life and have moved around quite a bit from house to house and have no set roots regarding that but my boys are my roots. They are strong and secure and even though they may also move around a bit they are a part of me.

So when I pass onto the Higher Plain of Life one day in the far future I have peace of mind now knowing that I have made an impact on this world albeit only through my sons and grandchildren and what they have taken out of what I have taught them about life.  To be strong and compassionate, to respect others and life. To live life to the fullest and never have any regrets. To take the chances given to you and never be ashamed of who you are.

They will pass it onto their future children and so my legacy will grow over time.

Simple Pleasures

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A hot cup of tea between cold hands

Hot toast with melting butter

Peanut butter and syrup sarmie

The first bite of a decadent dessert.

Smell of freshly washed sheets containing the sunshine in there fibres

Fragrance of a freshly cut lawn

The sound of a child’s unbridled carefree laughter

A soft warm blanket on a cold night

The feeling of a small child’s arms around your neck

Puppy breathe

Sunrises and sunsets

The sounds of rain falling on the dry ground.

The sound of birds around you

The sound of pure silence

A Hug

A Smile

The sound of laughter

The sound of the ocean

Sinking into your bed at night

A Hot bubble bath by candle light

Oh the list can go on and on………