Pull up a chair and hear my tale of terror

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Join me this morning with your cup of tea or coffee as I tell you of my traumatic experience of hitting a mental blank and not knowing where I was. Firstly, know that I am in my peri menopausal state and hence the immense brain fogs that hit me every now and then. Those ladies who are going through what I am will know exactly what I am talking about.  Secondly, know that I only like to travel on routes that I am well adversed in as I get terrible panic attacks if I find myself in unknown territory. And thirdly, I have only been living here for the last 4 years and do not know the area that well and it has many, many roads that lead nowhere, so to speak. Normal roads all lead to a main road but definitely not up here.

So this morning I was en route to pick up my boyfriend’s son to drop him off at his friend. Normally, I am fine with it as I know the route off by heart. But my boyfriend is at the moment down and out with fevers (hence why I was being the taxi driver today) so my mind was on him. Now the road I was travelling on has 2 turnoffs that I normally take, one for the school and the other for his son’s house. So I am on auto pilot as my mind is not totally focused on where I am driving as I was worried over my boyfriend and I turned off towards the school. So, I then decided to turn off into one of the side roads thinking it would lead back towards the main road (first mistake…) but nope it sure as heck did not. I turned left, I turned right and so on looking for a road name that I know. But my mind had hit a total blank and for the life of me I could not even remember the street name of where I had to go.

Blank…..total Blankness!!!!!!

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I eventually found myself on some road leading to another suburb! I had even gone into the wrong direction!! Then the panic set in and I felt like crying, I had no cooking clue where I was and the terror of being lost hit me. That was mistake no 2……. I was ready to pull off the road and weep like a baby. Thank goodness I forced myself to be calm and focus on looking for something familiar….. At last a street name I knew. Finally I was back into the main stream and I found the school I knew and back onto the main road. Gosh, did I get a stress headache from that.

Needless to say my bf’s son burst into laughter at my dilemma. Why didn’t I phone my boyfriend you ask? I did but his phone was on silent as he was sleeping…….

Moral of the story: Do not let your mind wander on other things while driving especially during menopause and when you suffer from bad brain fog!!