Don’t leave your lifelong dream on the shelf!

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Yesteryear, when I was in school, we never had career counselling and unfortunately my lovely late mother was a Home Executive (a fantastic one as well) and had no knowledge herself on aiding her children in the ways of subject choices for future studies. As a result I could not fulfil my lifelong dream of being a Liberian. I have a love affair with books, the written word and have always loved the feel and smell of books. Leave me in a book store and I am in Heaven, I will wonder around picking up this one and that one. I absolutely get lost in the world of wonders of a mystery novel, live the adventures in an action novel, get absorbed into an autobiography….. You get the picture.

So I went onto another career and I did enjoy it but I still had that pull towards books. Now I am proud to say that I have turned myself back towards my dream of being surrounded by books. I may not be able to work in an environment that gives me the opportunity to lend books out and help those asking about authors, but now I am in the position to actually sell books to those who live in my world. I am now able to gather the written word and surround myself with them and be privileged to see them go to good homes.

Yes, you have guessed it. I am know going to open a bookstore that is not only going to stock new books but also good condition 2nd hand books. I feel that there is a great need for both. For those who can afford the new and also to assist those who cannot and by doing so, ensure that the books go to good homes at all times. Then to top it all I intend to open up a small tea garden so that once you buy your chosen book you can slip into a comfortable chair, sip a hot or cold drink, dip your fingers into delicious nibbles while you enter the world of mystery of the chosen book.

So to all those out there who have had a chosen dream but have been unable to fulfil it there is always a way to turn yourself back towards it. It may not be the actual same dream but still in the same line. It is really up to you to decide if it is still your heart’s desire and to make sure that you do it. One is never too old to fulfil a dream. Don’t let it gather too much dust, go out there and find a way to fulfil it.

I am so excited over my book store and as they say……watch this space!


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