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Each country has their own unique way of saying things. Those sayings that have a totally different meaning to what is actually being said. And that being said I would like to explain a few of my country’s uniqueness. Being South African we have adopted our sayings to incorporate our diverse culture.

We live on what is called ‘African time’ and only a true South African will understand the concept of “hurry up and wait”. Our lifestyle is very much a slower pace to most of the world. So here are but a few of way of saying things.


“On my way” actually means ‘I have not left yet.’

“I am just around the corner” actually means ‘I have just left.’

“I will be there Now Now” is actually ‘I will be there sometime today.’

“I will be there shortly” is the time frame of anything from and hour to 3 hours’ time.

“See you later” can be anything from today to a good few weeks’ time.

“Just now” is also an unknown amount of time (could mean few minutes, tomorrow, next week or just plain never). So if a South African ever says to you “I will do it just now” or “I will be there just now” don’t expect it to happen anytime soon……

‘Ag shame’ this can mean either an expression of sympathy or of admiration for e.g. “Ag shame man, you poor thing” or “Ah shame, he is so cute”

“Eish” (aysh) is an African exclamation derived from Xhosa, for surprise, disapproval, exasperation or regret. “Eish, but the service is bad!”

“Is it” (izzit) or “Sho” is used frequently in a conversation meaning ‘Is that so?’ or ‘really?’

“Jawelnofine (Yes-well-no-fine) is an expression of resignation.

The phrase of ‘yes no’ (or ja nee – Afrikaans) can be used to confirm something as it conveys a similar feeling to the work ‘Okay’ for e.g. “I heard you had the flu, how are you feeling today? Yes no, I am feeling much better thanks.”


These are just a few of the sayings that we South Africans love to say. I haven’t even began to mention all the different words and their meaning. I would love to hear of anymore favourite sayings from you.


Captain, my Captain

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On social media people often post that “Do you have any regrets?” and to comment below on what they are. Or “What would you change if you could?” In the beginning I would actually speculate on what I would change if I could. I would think of all the “regrets” that I could muster up. Things that I could change, different conversations, people that I would rather have avoided till I really got to thinking about it. To actually sit back and study the past and all it had to give.

Yes, it would have been nice to have rather gone backpacking after school across Europe instead of getting involved and marrying so young. Yes, if I had paid more attention to myself instead of immersing myself into bringing up my children I may have been in a different place today. So many things to change but then, if I could change them, I would not have had all those amazing life lessons. Yes amazing even if they did not seem so at the time. One can truly look back and see the truth in them.

If I had not married early in life I would not have had my kids and seen them grow up into amazing young men. I would not see them become such family orientated young men if I had not been so immersed in their upbringing. I must have done something right there. I would not have learnt how to be the person I am today. To see the growth in myself as a result of all those “regrets” and “things I could change”. Given some of those I could do without but then would I have become the strong person I am today?

So, to me, I can now seriously admit, there is actually nothing I would want to change of my past. My past is what defines me, made me who I am today. I am who I am now as a direct result of all the bad that I went through.

A true saying indeed…. “I am the Captain of my own destiny”.  Or as Frankie sang…..”I did it my way!”study

Write it down time

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I was listening to a lady called Dr Ruth on the television this morning and she spoke about New Year’s resolutions and she made a great suggestion. She said that a person should start a Gratitude Journal. Keep it with you in your handbag and write in it whenever you experience a sense of gratitude. Whether it be a daily journal or whenever you feel the need to write in it. Funnel all your energy into the journal. Then when things are going a bit haywire or you are feeling on the downside you can open the journal and read all the blessings and good things that have happened to you or of the beauty around you.

I thought that it was a great way to start the year with and so I am going to do just what she suggests and start my own Gratitude Journal. I will write down about all the things that I am grateful for and about the beauty I will experienced in this year, the good times, the times that I am thankful that I am alive on this Earth. Write about something somebody mentioned, the spoken compliment given to you, the smile, that touch that made you feel special. No matter how small it may seem to you, write it down.

So my New Year’s goal/resolution is to fill up that journal so that at the end of 2018 I can sit down, open it and read about all the good that happened to me during 2018.

Here is to 2018…….journal

Goodbye my ole friend 2017


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Out with the old and in with the new time of the year again. How many of us are going to do the “New Resolutions” thing again? Why do we do it to ourselves?  Don’t you think it would be better to actually stop making false promises to ourselves and rather make attainable goals for ourselves……?

Make it more real and tangible. Make goals for yourself instead of unreachable, impossible promises that will be broken within a few months even a few days. Broken promises fill one with unhappiness whereas goals cannot be broken.

Instead of quitting smoking (if you are really struggling with quitting) rather say that you will cut down on the amount you smoke. Rather say that you will start to eat healthier than going on those horrid diets (that never work anyway). Start on the novel you always wanted to write instead of making that promise to write one in the New Year.

Open up that “Travel” savings account and start to put away a small amount each month for that great desire to travel. Change jobs instead of moaning over it, change your attitude about life.

Resolutions are always so hard to keep, most of the time but goals are always attainable even if they take longer than what you would like.

So this year I intend to make a few goals for myself. I intend to write them down and try my utmost to reach them this year but if I don’t then I know I will not feel as if I have disappointed myself as there is no time limit on goals. Unless you are hard on yourself and give them a time frame, which, to me, defeats the object.  Goals are there to enrich your life not to make it a task.

So Goodbye 2017 you have been good to me but Hello 2018 as you will be even better.

Get your life out of Park!

Make an investment in yourself!


Do you know what Mediocre means?  To live halfway between success and failure.

Don’t settle but live the life that God intended you to have.

Be Bold, live with a louder Wow.

Add spark to your life, get adventurous, and try something new and different.

Don’t get stuck in your age bracket.

Learn something about your body…. You are wonderfully made.

Don’t let your relationships go stale and do not let it rest on your partner to “perk” it up.

Confront things instead of hiding or running away from them.

Stop procrastinating.

Demand the best from yourself instead of settling for average from yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Stop punishing yourself and if you are having a bad day just go do something else, like a walk or drink a cuppa.

Worry less, eliminate stress.

Enjoy every day of your life, lighten up a little bit.

It is all about the Attitude!

Dread is expecting to have an unpleasant experience.

Do everything for and unto the Lord….. Do the dishes for Him, the ironing, the cleaning, the shopping, going to work, etc. (It works as I have done it, do it all with a smile)

Dread is a close relative to Fear and it sucks out all your joy.

Don’t let fear rule.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself….. A pity party is not nice to have and you are the only one having it.

Try to find (look) something good in everything… the Glad Game.

Look for the lesson in every trial, however big or small.

Learn something new about yourself.

Do something new to stop your life from being stagnant.

Learning adds excitement to your life.

Learn a new way to respond to old problems.

If we do not grow and learn in our life then it is a wasted life.

Don’t get a “give up” attitude when your problems surround you, find a new way to deal with them.

Don’t let your problems (no matter how hard they get) define you and make you weak.

Make a new friend.

Where did Recess go?


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If you are having a bad day, have a big dream.

Have Hope.


It helps you, if you are not in a right place, to think of the things when they get better.

Don’t let life turn you sour.

Don’t let life take away your ability to dream big.

Believe in your Dream and walk in it every day.

Have goals even if they change… you need to have something to aim at in life.

Play more.

Become more childlike.

A dream becomes a reality if you follow it through.

Always care about others.

Pay it forward without any expectancy of receiving back.

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