Practice what you preach


If you have been either reading my posts and/ or following my blog you will notice that I have been writing on changing oneself, watching what you say, about starting a gratitude book, going on a complaints fasting, about living your life and enjoying it Well, one has to practice what one preachers and I have been trying my hardest to do what I write on.

I have started a gratitude book and so far I am proud to say that I have a few entries and will continue to write in it all that I find gratitude in.

I have gone on a complaint fast but honestly, I have let a few slip through as it is easier said than done. But I will prevail on this one.

I try to always stay positive even when things are going hard. I allow myself an hour of dwelling on the bad side and then I force myself to start thinking on the positive and things do start to look rosy again.

I will try to look for the positive in the negative side of life and I prefer to surround myself with positive people as those who are negative all the time tend to suck you into their black hole…..they become like an emotional vampire and suck all the positive out of you.

I have even gone a bit further and am trying to honestly be a better version of myself. I am know also holding my words and really, really trying to think on the positive sides in people. I am even trying to listen to the most boring of people (my neighbour) and even trying to hold a conversation with him (which is very hard as all he can talk about is him being a victim of his circumstances).

I can safely say that I have seen a change in myself. I am a bit more patient with others (and with myself). I am finding myself more at peace with myself and my surroundings. I am being honest here and can say that I am not always ‘peaceful’ and do still find myself getting irritated with those who are not very thoughtful of those around them.  I am not going to claim to be a saint as I am only human but I can try my hardest to live my life with honour and with love towards my fellow man. Even if they try my patience to the max………

So here I am trying my hardest to practice what I preach, however hard it may get.


Author: grannyonthemovesite

I am a nutty lady of the 50 something group, 3 sons and at the moment 1 grand baby, 2 dogs and 1 black cat. I intend to make the most of my soon to be golden years but till then I want to do all that I can do before my bones become brittle and my body and mind turn to mush due to age. Now is the time of my life and I intend to make the most of it.

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