Dear Blogging Diary

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Dear Diary

It has been over a year now that I have been blogging and I am thoughly enjoying it. I started off totally oblivious to the actual dedication that would be needed to blog. Now I find it very stimulating as I have to actually think of subjects to write on. Some of them have been a “miss” and some have been really good. I am still learning new things in the blogging world and I am enjoying it. I will take any advice on it as I am still very much techno challenged and half the time I have no cooking clue as to what people actually mean when they talk computer techno language.

But that will not deter me. I find that blogging is a lovely casual way to get ones thoughts out there. Almost like writing a “Dear Diary” for the world to read. I am thankful for the few followers that I have and boy, do I follow quite a few bloggers as well. They write on all sorts of things, I follow poets, photographers, doggy bloggers as well as mommy bloggers, bloggers who have such amazing views on the world around them and those who do not give a fig and write just what they want to.

Blogging is a whole new world where one can voice your opinion, post your poems, write on your thoughts and, well, just about anything.  I am so glad that I started this way of writing. I don’t have to worry about characters and plots, mind maps on the story lines and well, everything a novel writer has to worry about.

I even do not worry about how popular my blog is or not. I am having the time of my life with this. Soon I will be able to hopefully broaden my travel blog as a proper granny on the move this year. Then I will be able to also write on the joys of finding new places and sharing it with you, to allow you to follow my delights in tasting and experiencing new foods, new cultures, and new adventures.

But I will not close off this blog as this is my “Dear Diary” and I really love putting all my thoughts into worlds and sending it out there.

I truly am having so much fun with this. Goes to show, you are never too old to try new things even if you are techno lingo challenged….

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Author: grannyonthemovesite

I am a nutty lady of the 50 something group, 3 sons and at the moment 1 grand baby, 2 dogs and 1 black cat. I intend to make the most of my soon to be golden years but till then I want to do all that I can do before my bones become brittle and my body and mind turn to mush due to age. Now is the time of my life and I intend to make the most of it.

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