Think Happy Thoughts

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You may not have had a good start in life but you can sure make it end well.
Don’t let your circumstances define you.
Laugh on purpose.
Be around people with a sense of humour.
Be Joyous.
Worry never solved anything.
We all need a sense of humour.
Calm down and cheer up.
You will have tribulations in your life but cheer up as worrying over them won’t make it better.
Laugh at yourself.
When your mood sinks then take time to talk to yourself and look at your blessings in your life.
If you make enough “noise” you can “scare” away your depression.
Enjoy the life that was given to you.
Let the joy inside you be greater than the sadness inside you.
Live your life abundantly.
God knitted you together in your Mother’s Womb and He does not make junk…. He made you in His perfect image.
It is your soul that counts not the flesh of your body.
A beautiful Soul makes a Beautiful person.


Friends or furkids

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Best friend, Ryker the Boerdane (or Danemastiff) and Dobby the doxie…… 6 months difference and inseparable.


Dobby with his beloved Shadow cat…. who plays Donkey Kong with Dobby’s head when he licks him too much….  The loves of my life…..

Nuggets of Bliss in a World gone Mad

Nuggets of Bliss in a World gone Madin the grass

This Sunday morning I decided to plonk myself down on the green grass after my morning chores. The warm Autumn sun was soothing to my skin, the gentle breeze played with the branches of the trees. It was bliss. Until I was rudely interrupted by a small, wet, cold nose of my doxie, pushing his way under my arms to find my face as if to say “Oh there you are Mommy.”

Play time was called for….

He was rolling onto his back while I played roly poly with him. My bigger boy then decided he was going to get into this fun time action and gently placed his big head gently onto my shoulder and pressed his head into my neck. A moment of pure love flowed between human and dogs at this time. My big boy on my shoulder, long dog between my legs, all awhile I was sitting on the green lush grass of our backyard. Total peaceful bliss…..

Off they sauntered, noses twitching in the air gathering the different smells, on the hunt for the fast, sun loving lizards.

My morning nugget of total love and bliss in this world gone mad. Watching my fur children romp in the grass, having them roll around me on the grass and all the while having the warmth of the sun enveloping my skin.

Pure love, pure warmth and pure peace.

Levelling up……


When we were young children we could not wait to grow older, to be an adult, little did we know that when we hit our adult years we would look back with absolute fondness to our carefree childhood days.

Being pre-teen we looked forward to being a teenager, to be able to go into the movies that had those age 16 upwards restrictions. Oh, when we turned that sweet 16…..then we were excited as turning 18 was just around the corner. Then it was that grand golden key time of turning 21 years of age. That age that gave us the freedom to the world. But soon that 20 something turned into the 30 something, which came with the responsibilities of child rearing, marriage and job restrictions.

Then, before you know it, you have reached that grand level of 50 club. Then we have a tendency to look back at our lives and wonder that if we had done certain things differently, if our lives would have turned out differently.

The youngsters look at us with absolute bewilderment when we tell them to stop wanting to grow older and just relax and enjoy each birth year that you have been blessed with. Those years go by in a blink of an eye. Never wish or wile away the years to be older. Being older is not necessary any better, more wisdom to impart to those that have ears to hear and the heart to imply yes. Yet, to level up into the grand years can be enchanting and exciting as well. Less responsibilities, less worries and more time to just let loose and enjoy each precious birth year that is blessed to you.

Birthdays are a grand affair for all ages. One is never too old to enjoy a good birthday. Some are happy, exciting, fun filled times, and others can be quiet and relaxed. Levelling up in the Game of Life can be exciting or terrifying, depending on how you view it.

So to all out there having a birthday and reading this, Raise your Glass and toast yourself to another Level Up.

Well done and may your future Levelling ups be of a grand and auspicious nature.



Rambling Roses

This morning I am sitting in bed feeling very sorry for myself due to the “change of season”bug that hits us all. The muscles feel like a real “papsak” (flat wine bag) and the throat feels like a cat’s scratching post. So , here I am, with the lap top open and just rambling thoughts flow through my head.

I have read other bloggers and what they post. It is interesting to see the variety of posts and what they think and express. A few are into the political side of life, keeping us updated on the Nays and Yays of the political world around us. Others are into poems of all sorts, some depressing and some full of life and colour.

Then there are the bakers and foodies, throwing out yummy recipes for us all to drool over. The travellers that bring us into their world of travel and the places of warmth and fun and adventure. Then you get the thought provoking ramblers, like me. The one’s that mull over life and put it into words. The deep thinkers, the light thinkers and the “just don’t care”thinkers. I would like to think that I am a bit of both….. sometimes I get the deep, philosophical thoughts, other times the light side of life.

What people think of me? I don’t give a fig anymore. It took me many years to get into the space I am today. A lot of letting go of things that just clutter up the mind. Old, set views have changed and I find myself more at peace with myself and the world around me.I have accepted my true self. Acceptance of oneself is a key note to living a good life and learning to grow with all the knocks that life sends your way.

So, take a load off, breathe deeply and remember to look at the small things around you. Enjoy the Sunlight on your skin, the gentle breeze that caresses your face. Listen the the sounds of children’s laughter and the music of the song birds around you. We have one life to live, so live it like you want to. Forget what people think or say of you. Be the person you have always wanted to be. Shed the cloth of convention and find that lost child within you.