Don’t forget the sunscre

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Don’t let people take advantage of you, learn to say No.

Don’t let the pain that you are in know define you and rule the rest of your life.

When someone makes you angry keep your mouth shut instead of running to someone to gossip about it and prayer for the Lord to bless them.

Keep your faith alive.
Should you lose your faith, shake that feeling off and start again.

Don’t lose your Joy.

Become a prisoner of Hope so that you will become so full of Hope that something positive will happen, maybe not today or tomorrow but the day will come.

Say every day “Something good is going to happen to me”

No matter what you are going through be a blessing to someone else and you will see what happen.

Look for the tiny miracles that happen every day around you.

Always have a smile for a greeting, you never know that that smile may just be what a person needs.

It won’t hurt to ask somebody how they are doing, even a pure stranger like a cashier, they may just be hurting at that moment.

Give without having expectations of receiving back.

Never give up on love even when it is rejected, just look at giving it to a worthy one.

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

Don’t hold a grudge as it is unhealthy for you.

Forgiveness is the key to a better life.


Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen when you go out into the sun.


Walking a mile in their shoes

How many of us really understand poverty? Most of us tend to say that we understand what it is all about but until you have actually ‘walked in the shoes’ of poverty or extreme hardships you do not really understand the full scope of it. How many of us (me included) say about the unemployed to ‘get a job’ or ‘clean houses’ or ‘cut lawns’ but until recently I have not had the privilege to be amongst the unemployed and truly say that it is a hardship like none other. Trying to start one’s own business to earn an income is even harder. Today I have a new respect for those on the street… can easily be me….

How we take things for granted, like even a tube of toothpaste…. How many of you have actually used up a full tube until your fingers have squeezed out the last drop before throwing it away. How many of you have used ordinary soap to wash your hair, counted out every last cent to make it count.

Jobs are scarce and more so for the older generation. Nobody hires folk who are in their middle ages and beyond and heaven forbid that you do not have any specific set of skills then you are even more screwed! Hardship, poverty and unemployment are not just centred on the uneducated, it affects us all. It has no colour creed or gender specifics, it does not matter what your background is or who you are.

Hardships that border on poverty can break you mentally and physically, it humbles you, it takes away all sense of pride and ego. It can either strengthen who you are as a person or else it can break you if you allow it to.

Living hand to mouth on a daily basis has only made me turn to Him in total dependence and ask for His daily strength and wisdom. My faith has not weakened and I will continue to trust in my God for I know He will never forsake me. I have been blessed by never going to bed hungry as He has seen to my bodily needs even if it has just been scrambled eggs on toast. This is about learning to live on His daily Word and trusting in Him completely.

So please, when that person comes asking for food or a job, don’t turn him or her away… took greatness of courage to come up and ask for it. And don’t frown on the unemployed standing along the roads…it could be you!

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