Not for the faint hearted

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Growing older is definitely not for the faint hearted. It is a time of reflection and for the down grading of one’s physical body. The spirit gets more fired up and excited over all the possibilities that are still out there but the physical body just does not join in with all the fun. The aches and pains are real. It seems just so unfair, doesn’t it?

When you hit the 50 somethings and head down that road, you get to have more wisdom and freedom but then your body starts its slow decline.

When we were young and restless, we didn’t have the wisdom and knowledge that we have now but our bodies were in peak condition to do just about anything.

Go figure!!

It gives new meaning to the phrase “Some much to do, so little time.”

Yip, aging sure ain’t for Sissies…….. the horror of the greying hair, the wrinkles that start (or call them the laugh lines), the sagging of the once firm flesh, the bone aches when the cold winter comes along, the mind that starts to fade, to name but just a few.

But then the upside is that you just don’t give a rat’s arse what people say or think about you anymore, you have more freedom to come and go and do as you please and not what others want you to do. You get to spoil grandchildren (if you are blessed with them) and behave just like them. You have all the wisdom to impart onto the younger generation should they want to actually listen and learn by your mistakes. The only main responsibility would be to get yourself through the day and not bother with millions of little things.

Call the grey hair natural highlights, the wrinkles become your right of passage in life.

So, even though aging is a hard pill to swallow to most folk, it is a time to sit back, reflect and to just let loose and enjoy because time becomes fleeting and so precious. To thank the good Lord for waking up each morning and having another precious day to enjoy.