A gift called Life

A gift called Life

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As we get older we tend to be a tad more philosophical I think. Well, I seem to be, anyway. I tend to look back at my life and see how the threads of all the trials and tribulations, all the meetings and events seems to all collide at a central end point. All the lessons learnt through it all. All the wisdom that I can depart onto my children and to those who want to listen and learn by my mistakes and take the shortcut through theirs.

Life is about the messy bits in life. I like to think that life would be extremely boring and bland if we didn’t have it.

Would I change anything in my life? Maybe just one or two things but on the whole I would not change anything. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have all the knowledge, wisdom and empathy that I have now.

Life is exciting with all its knocks. To look back and see the reason behind all the trials and tribulations is amazing. Not nice to go through it at the time but it makes us stronger should we allow it to.

I start each day with a “thank you” to our Creator for allowing me another day.

Life is a blessing, a gift and we must never forget it.

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What is the true meaning of a Legacy?

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The general meaning of a Legacy is either money or property that is bequeathed to you or for something handed down from one generation to the next.

I was lying awake the other night and wondering what I would be leaving as a legacy then it dawned on me……

My legacy is my children and grandchildren, what I have instilled in my sons will be passed down to their children just as what my mother instilled in me that I had passed onto my sons.

The same as “putting down roots”, I have been living a gypsy type life and have moved around quite a bit from house to house and have no set roots regarding that but my boys are my roots. They are strong and secure and even though they may also move around a bit they are a part of me.

So when I pass onto the Higher Plain of Life one day in the far future I have peace of mind now knowing that I have made an impact on this world albeit only through my sons and grandchildren and what they have taken out of what I have taught them about life.  To be strong and compassionate, to respect others and life. To live life to the fullest and never have any regrets. To take the chances given to you and never be ashamed of who you are.

They will pass it onto their future children and so my legacy will grow over time.

Funky Grandmothers……

My mother was a fantastic lady and the best granny ever. Yes, I know, I am biased but truth be told, she was one funky hip lady in her golden years. One strict Mother but as a grandmother (or OOee as she was fondly known by) she was one of a kind. She would drop down to their level and play on the ground with them. She had mostly boys so as she would fondly quote “If you can’t beat them, join them” and farts and all she would give those grandsons a run for their money.

I have learnt a lot by how she interacted with them, played with them and just became one of them when they were around her. It was a joy to watch her with her grandchildren. They loved her to the moon and back and were devastated when she passed away in her sleep. But she had left her mark on them and her legacy has lived on.

Grandparents of today are not what they use to be. We are more funky and alive and dare I say it……more fun.

I am proud to now be able to fall into that category by having 2 gorgeous grandkids of my own. Not yet able to play and have that absolute Granny bond yet,  but I am eagerly waiting for those times.

I do not intend to be that old boring granny who just sits around and drinks tea. Those are for the days of old….. now it is the time of the new generation grandparents…. those of us who refuse to be old…. those of us that intend to have fun until the day we fall along the wayside into our graves.

We lived our lives for our children, now we can live our lives with and through our grandchildren.

Ya ba da ba dooo!

Have an awesome weekend to one and all.