Simple Pleasures

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A hot cup of tea between cold hands

Hot toast with melting butter

Peanut butter and syrup sarmie

The first bite of a decadent dessert.

Smell of freshly washed sheets containing the sunshine in there fibres

Fragrance of a freshly cut lawn

The sound of a child’s unbridled carefree laughter

A soft warm blanket on a cold night

The feeling of a small child’s arms around your neck

Puppy breathe

Sunrises and sunsets

The sounds of rain falling on the dry ground.

The sound of birds around you

The sound of pure silence

A Hug

A Smile

The sound of laughter

The sound of the ocean

Sinking into your bed at night

A Hot bubble bath by candle light

Oh the list can go on and on………


Funky Grandmothers……

My mother was a fantastic lady and the best granny ever. Yes, I know, I am biased but truth be told, she was one funky hip lady in her golden years. One strict Mother but as a grandmother (or OOee as she was fondly known by) she was one of a kind. She would drop down to their level and play on the ground with them. She had mostly boys so as she would fondly quote “If you can’t beat them, join them” and farts and all she would give those grandsons a run for their money.

I have learnt a lot by how she interacted with them, played with them and just became one of them when they were around her. It was a joy to watch her with her grandchildren. They loved her to the moon and back and were devastated when she passed away in her sleep. But she had left her mark on them and her legacy has lived on.

Grandparents of today are not what they use to be. We are more funky and alive and dare I say it……more fun.

I am proud to now be able to fall into that category by having 2 gorgeous grandkids of my own. Not yet able to play and have that absolute Granny bond yet,  but I am eagerly waiting for those times.

I do not intend to be that old boring granny who just sits around and drinks tea. Those are for the days of old….. now it is the time of the new generation grandparents…. those of us who refuse to be old…. those of us that intend to have fun until the day we fall along the wayside into our graves.

We lived our lives for our children, now we can live our lives with and through our grandchildren.

Ya ba da ba dooo!

Have an awesome weekend to one and all.