The Bucket List

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The Bucket List………that list that we all have of things we would love to do before we “kick the bucket”.

How many of us get to actually do some of the things on that list? Then again how many of us change that list or even add to it.

I can say that I have changed it a few times but there have been a few things that have stayed. I can also boast of having done a few of the things on my list. I love having a Bucket List, I love adding to it, changing it and even more being able to cross off what I have done or achieved. It is like putting your short-term and long-term goals down on paper and actually working on them.

Some of the things I could cross off:

Sky diving

Open my own small business

Go to gym for more than a year

Start a blog (I have started 2)

Go on a Safari

Some of the things I still want to do:

Go up in a Hot Air Balloon

Fly Business Class

Experience/view a breath-taking event

Travel abroad

Travel locally


These are just a few of the Wonderous things that I would still like to do. So share with me some of your Bucket List items……. I would love to hear them.