Is this as good as it gets?

Is this a good as it gets?

Who of us is guilty of having had that thought roam through your head? To let it take hold and find anchor and make you take a good look around you and wonder “Is this it? Is this all that my life has to offer?”

Have you just let it rule you or have you had the gumption to break out of that mould and actually do something about it. To allow that thought to trap you in its web is liken to a fly caught in the spider’s web and just given up and waits, giving feeble attempts to escape but eventually just accepts its fate and allows that spider to enfold it and consume it. We are all guilty of wondering and feeling sorry for ourselves. To have allowed ourselves that fleeting moment of pure acceptance of our fate of the mundane.

Some have managed to break free from those silken bonds and have become the travellers, the adventures, the spontaneous, the optimists and the lovers of life in all its glory. Some are in the throes of thrashing very hard to break free and are the rebels trying to make a stand for themselves and then some have just given up and have become the cynics, the pessimists and the dour people of life.

So, who are you?1606845_715152215171662_2007396276_n


Writer’s Block

You sit at your computer, power it up and then open up the Word perfect, fingers poised over the key board and then it happens…… Wham! Writer’s block! Not a single thought filters through your head. Blank, plain blank.

All the thoughts that you had been thinking of, all the ideas to write on suddenly are all gone. You make an attempt to put words to screen then find yourself deleting all that you have written. You get your daily Prompt via email but yet still nothing!

I am not one to write on Politics (to political for my brain), Religion is also a big No-No for me (very sensitive subject). So, maybe I should write about the many books I read, the love of movies or the love of life and my dogs. Maybe I should write about the antics while being a police office or about my dreams of travel and adventures that have not happened as yet. So with all these potential subjects to write on… Why the Block?

Ugh the absolute frustrating feeling that rushes through you. You feel like a complete failure, a blockhead! You start to question yourself…… Are you really any good at writing a blog? Is this really for you? At this precise moment my laptop is on my lap and my feet are doing a dance and I am wondering What do I write about….. hmmmm maybe a short note on Writer’s Block…..

Thoughts to ponder on


Do what is right because it is the right thing to do.

Doing right towards others may not always be acknowledge but keep doing it and you will feel better in yourself in the long run.

Your perspective in your life will change when you do what is right no matter how small it is.

Bite your tongue and think before you speak.

Words uttered cannot be retracted, forgiveness can be given but the words are still left out there.

Choose what to receive from others in the verbal, you can let it go and feel better or receive it and feel anger and hurt.

Time to stop living to please ourselves but to live to please Our Creator.

Be Humble.

Walk in Love.

Do not live in Strife and Anger.

Forgiveness heals you.

Declutter your life form all the negative around you.

Never lose your Faith and Hope in life and in people.

And always be yourself and not what others want you to be.

Change is Good, they say!

Change is good, they say! To those who are used to change it is awesome and exciting. But to those that live in the Bubble of Life of Comfort it is the most frightening thing ever. It is scary and one tends to retreat from change. I use to live in the Bubble of Comfort of my own making. My life was good, it was constant and stable…. then I experienced the Big Change! Boy, oh boy was that the most terrifying time of my life. I tried to fight it, to hide from it and to just reject the change that had happened. I was nervous and so scared of it but I had no choice but to move headlong into it.

But no matter how hard you try to run from change, any change it will still follow you until you accept it with open arms. If you don’t accept change of any sort then you will most undoubtably sink in the ocean of life…. time to learn how to swim with it, go with the tides and ocean currents. Change is good…. it is the spice of life. It turns the mundane into adventure. Change helps you to grow and become stronger. Change helps you to crawl out of your shell and face the world head-on. It takes great courage to embrace change if you are not used to it. It is nerve-racking and makes you break out into a cold sweat.

Change is good, they say….. and I agree with that saying….. Change is good, good for the soul, for the mind and body. It breathes life back into you… so go ahead and embrace change and see and feel the difference for yourself. Be open to it…..and experience it for yourself!


Why me?

Why me? These two simple words next to each other have the ability to turn us into Victim mode. Why me! The eternal lament of the world when things do not go according to plan. When things go wrong or when tragedy strikes that is the first two words that we utter. We yell it out, we cry it out, and we make those words surround us in that bubble called Pity Me. Yes, things go wrong and tragedy happens to us all, some in a big way and others in small, insignificant ways. It is the easy way out and yes, I have been a victim of those two words too. We tend to forget that life has seasons.

Just like in Nature which has its Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer so do our lives revolve around Seasons? These Life Seasons are there to make us grow as a person, to mould us into better, stronger people. We are given Trials for our Autumn and Winter Seasons and when we look back onto them in our Spring and Summer seasons we can see that God (Universe) never gives us too much to handle.  Just enough to make us grow in Faith and Strength and Wisdom… that is, if we allow ourselves to grow and not fall into the Why Me trap and just wallow around in self-pity. We need to look around us and see that there are those worse off than what we are going through. There are those that have had serious tragedies and loss and yet still smile and move forward in great Strength. We need to learn from them. To seek wisdom from them.

We need to turn the Why Me over into Try Me and seek the growth that is given with it.

Innocence Lost

As children we had a lot more freedom than the children of today. There was no cellphone, no TV games, and no Xbox or PS games. Our playtime was with each other and with your imagination. Today the children of the Millennium have no real imagination only that which is conjured up via technology. As little ones they are given the freedom of imagination till they reach the age where parents can plonk them in front of a television and left to technology to entertain them.

With us evenings were given to playtime in the streets till the calling by the parents began and we all scattered towards our homes. Supper time was held around the table and then we use to gather in the lounge around the radio listen to all the favourites. Bed time was story time and then lights out by 8pm. Weekends were the fun times, it was bike riding with friends around the neighbourhood or in the fields and on homemade ramps, movies in the mornings at the local movie theatre that was just for us kids. Tok tokkie, hop scotch and ball games in the evenings were the main thing. Kids were allowed to be kids back then.

Today it is so different, the times are different and so the children of today are different in their outlook and thinking. Today is the Techno age and it is no longer safe to let your children to roam free and play as a child should play. Today’s children are way more advanced in age than the children of yesterday. They have to grow up more quickly in thought and deed than we had to. Now we have to prepare our children early of the ways of the world. To inform them that all is not good and that to be a true child is unsafe. We, as parents, try to create a safe haven at home for them to be able to be free but still that is not always safe. Evil creeps in via the horrific games that they play on the PlayStation and from what they view on the Television, the deep web and the chat rooms that they are on. Their minds are still getting corrupted by the outside world. No matter how hard we try to keep it all away it seeps in, so we have to just try our hardest and to trust what we instil in our children.

Sometimes it works and your child becomes a well-adjusted adult but then we have our failures……dreams