Not for the faint hearted

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Growing older is definitely not for the faint hearted. It is a time of reflection and for the down grading of one’s physical body. The spirit gets more fired up and excited over all the possibilities that are still out there but the physical body just does not join in with all the fun. The aches and pains are real. It seems just so unfair, doesn’t it?

When you hit the 50 somethings and head down that road, you get to have more wisdom and freedom but then your body starts its slow decline.

When we were young and restless, we didn’t have the wisdom and knowledge that we have now but our bodies were in peak condition to do just about anything.

Go figure!!

It gives new meaning to the phrase “Some much to do, so little time.”

Yip, aging sure ain’t for Sissies…….. the horror of the greying hair, the wrinkles that start (or call them the laugh lines), the sagging of the once firm flesh, the bone aches when the cold winter comes along, the mind that starts to fade, to name but just a few.

But then the upside is that you just don’t give a rat’s arse what people say or think about you anymore, you have more freedom to come and go and do as you please and not what others want you to do. You get to spoil grandchildren (if you are blessed with them) and behave just like them. You have all the wisdom to impart onto the younger generation should they want to actually listen and learn by your mistakes. The only main responsibility would be to get yourself through the day and not bother with millions of little things.

Call the grey hair natural highlights, the wrinkles become your right of passage in life.

So, even though aging is a hard pill to swallow to most folk, it is a time to sit back, reflect and to just let loose and enjoy because time becomes fleeting and so precious. To thank the good Lord for waking up each morning and having another precious day to enjoy.


A five letter word

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Trust…..such a small five letter word that on its own is just a word but when you start to define it and put it together with accompanying words and it gains strength and power.

“I trust you.” or to “put one’s trust” in someone or something shows great faith in the one that is thrusting the trust out there. It puts one at risk to the great pain of disappointment but yet we still take that step and put our trust out there. Some of us have a strong faith in the word Trust and have no fear of having it broken, some of us have a shaky faith in Trust due to having the pain of it being rejected and broken before but we still want to believe in that word. Then there are those that have been so broken and hurt by it that there is no longer any faith in the word.

Yet, we all need it.

We all need to feel it, believe in it and live in it.

Whether we have a strong belief in it or not, Trust is as strong a word as Faith, Hope and Love.

We need to keep cultivating it and to keep on believing in it. It will disappoint us at some time but if we do not trust how can we live

What can’t you live without?

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a href=””>Reflecting</aWhat can’t you live without?

I thought that this morning I would post something light and airy for a change. The world and its problems are heavy enough.

What would I not be able to live without? I had to think quite hard on it. Technology I can live without as have been without my cellphone and internet for a while and it did not bug me at all. Do not use that much in the make up side so that would be out…… nice creams and nice smelling goodies? Nope I can live without that even my beloved chocolate I can live without.

Then it dawned on me……..2 ply toilet paper! Yip, DO NOT GIVE ME 1 PLY ANYMORE!

Give me my soft (doggy on the cover) toilet paper……. So there you have it! I cannot live without my soft and “fluffy”2 ply!!!


Walking a mile in their shoes

How many of us really understand poverty? Most of us tend to say that we understand what it is all about but until you have actually ‘walked in the shoes’ of poverty or extreme hardships you do not really understand the full scope of it. How many of us (me included) say about the unemployed to ‘get a job’ or ‘clean houses’ or ‘cut lawns’ but until recently I have not had the privilege to be amongst the unemployed and truly say that it is a hardship like none other. Trying to start one’s own business to earn an income is even harder. Today I have a new respect for those on the street… can easily be me….

How we take things for granted, like even a tube of toothpaste…. How many of you have actually used up a full tube until your fingers have squeezed out the last drop before throwing it away. How many of you have used ordinary soap to wash your hair, counted out every last cent to make it count.

Jobs are scarce and more so for the older generation. Nobody hires folk who are in their middle ages and beyond and heaven forbid that you do not have any specific set of skills then you are even more screwed! Hardship, poverty and unemployment are not just centred on the uneducated, it affects us all. It has no colour creed or gender specifics, it does not matter what your background is or who you are.

Hardships that border on poverty can break you mentally and physically, it humbles you, it takes away all sense of pride and ego. It can either strengthen who you are as a person or else it can break you if you allow it to.

Living hand to mouth on a daily basis has only made me turn to Him in total dependence and ask for His daily strength and wisdom. My faith has not weakened and I will continue to trust in my God for I know He will never forsake me. I have been blessed by never going to bed hungry as He has seen to my bodily needs even if it has just been scrambled eggs on toast. This is about learning to live on His daily Word and trusting in Him completely.

So please, when that person comes asking for food or a job, don’t turn him or her away… took greatness of courage to come up and ask for it. And don’t frown on the unemployed standing along the roads…it could be you!

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Chances of Success


You only have one life.

Do you want to live it true to yourself?

“I won’t” – 0%

“I can’t” – 10%

“I don’t know how” – 20%

“I wish I could” – 30%

“I want to” – 40%

“I think I might” – 50%

“I might” – 60%

“I think I can” – 70%

“I can” – 80%

“I am” – 90%

“I DID” – 100%

Chances of success


Wants and Needs






The world is full of wants and needs. What we want and what we need are two different things.

The definition of a need would be defined as goods or services that are required. This would include the needs for food, clothing, shelter and health care.

The definition of a Want are goods or services that are not necessary but that we desire or wish for.

Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish between the two and sometimes it is so hard to choose between the two. How many of us have had to give a sigh and weight up the costs of choosing between a want and a need…..

Sometimes we just need a Want and crave it but deep inside we know we cannot afford it but just bulldoze ahead and get it anyway only to regret it later on when we realise how selfish we have been or do we?

How many of you out there have that dilemma?

How many of you have that constant battle between doing the right thing and going towards the Needs in life or throw caution to the wind and head on down the Wants alley?

Wants and Needs……. The battle is real and lives on……



Friends or furkids

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Best friend, Ryker the Boerdane (or Danemastiff) and Dobby the doxie…… 6 months difference and inseparable.


Dobby with his beloved Shadow cat…. who plays Donkey Kong with Dobby’s head when he licks him too much….  The loves of my life…..