It’s astounding….. Time is fleeting

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Where has the year gone to?

It seemed only yesterday we were starting out with the New Year. Time seems to travel way too quickly the older we get. Soon the shopping centres will be sprouting Christmas decorations and the sounds of Christmas Carols will be belting out of the sound systems. Not that I don’t love Christmas time, it just makes the “fleeting time” more real and there is just so much I still want to do with this fragile life of mine. But I have put in my request with the good Lord to allow me the privilege of being around for another 40 odd years, which would take me deep into my 90s (deepest sympathies for my children).

I love Christmas time really. I love seeing the decorations going up, hearing the carols, seeing the joy on a child’s face at all the possibilities of new toys. I love hauling the little Christmas tree out and sorting out the decorations that go with it. I love going to buy new decorations for the house and tree. Filling up where the tired ones have been put out to retirement. The memories that are brought back of the Christmas Past and the making of new ones for Christmas Present.

But yes, this year has gone by in a flash. There have been good times and very hard times but most of all I am blessed to have been around for the birth of my granddaughter and to celebrate the first birthday of my grandson. To be able to see my children all sorted and settled in their lives. To be blessed with a man in my life that is so gentle and yet so strong. He has been my positive shining light in the hard times, my tower of strength.

To have made new friends.

To be thankful for the roof over my head and food in my belly. Thankful for the opportunity to have started a small home business of my own. But most of all thankful for the Love and Grace of my Lord who has watched over me all the time, for being my strength in our time of need.

Yes this year has flashed by but I do not regret any part of it. The hard times has made us stronger and more secure in our faith and trust. The good times have been the cherry on top and the good part is there is still a few more months left before we all get to sing Auld Lang Syne.


Author: grannyonthemovesite

I am a nutty lady of the 50 something group, 3 sons and at the moment 1 grand baby, 2 dogs and 1 black cat. I intend to make the most of my soon to be golden years but till then I want to do all that I can do before my bones become brittle and my body and mind turn to mush due to age. Now is the time of my life and I intend to make the most of it.

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