What can’t you live without?

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a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/reflecting/”>Reflecting</aWhat can’t you live without?

I thought that this morning I would post something light and airy for a change. The world and its problems are heavy enough.

What would I not be able to live without? I had to think quite hard on it. Technology I can live without as have been without my cellphone and internet for a while and it did not bug me at all. Do not use that much in the make up side so that would be out…… nice creams and nice smelling goodies? Nope I can live without that even my beloved chocolate I can live without.

Then it dawned on me……..2 ply toilet paper! Yip, DO NOT GIVE ME 1 PLY ANYMORE!

Give me my soft (doggy on the cover) toilet paper……. So there you have it! I cannot live without my soft and “fluffy”2 ply!!!



Author: grannyonthemovesite

I am a nutty lady of the 50 something group, 3 sons and at the moment 1 grand baby, 2 dogs and 1 black cat. I intend to make the most of my soon to be golden years but till then I want to do all that I can do before my bones become brittle and my body and mind turn to mush due to age. Now is the time of my life and I intend to make the most of it.

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