Expectations of gym

Gym…… how that single word can strike fear into the hearts of man and woman alone. Now the word Exercise….that already brings the trickles of sweat to the forefront. I use to think that those who did gym were health fanatics. Their “no pain, no gain” theory was a load of crock. I am or rather I was not, an exercise fan at all. The mere thought of working out till the sweat ran down one’s face and the rivers of perspiration that ran down between your boobs….naw that was so not for me. So for many, many years I never even bothered with the thought of exercise or gym. Till the day came when I needed a distraction, a way to work off my anger and frustration at life. So I joined a ladies only gym, a small one at that and it was good. I never worked at running up a sweat so to speak but I enjoyed the exercise (strange I know). I went there for a good 2 years before I stopped due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now here I am again at a ladies only gym but this time it is different. Now I do the “no pain, no gain” thing just to keep my body weight in check. I work out so that the “rivers of Babylon” flow down between my boobs. I grumble and groan my way through the circuit…give a few “Hallelujahs “when the going gets tough. But I push through for that half hour of machines and in-between things that work every muscle possible and coaches that are just pure sergeant majors (but yet are loveable). But believe it or not I am actually enjoying it. It has become my “daily fix” and when I can’t make it I feel all down and out. True be told there is a truth to that saying that exercise gives you more energy and lets you love your body again. The satisfaction one gets when you see how more toned you get, how much more oomph you have and that you end up actually watching what you eat.

Given I am still not a health nut and still love my choccies and cuppie cakes and things but I now do it in moderation and I tend to actually enjoy eating healthy now. Being in the beginning (peri) stages of the “change of life” for women, this gym thing actually helps with that too. And the best about this gym is that the ladies there do not just go there to show off their style in gym clothing or to preen in front of others, these ladies are all shapes and sizes and we laugh and help each other and just plain chat about our daily lives. Nobody is checking the other person out or how bad they are doing. We are in this together, sweating and groaning and pushing forward to feel better about ourselves.

So, now the word Gym and Exercise do not send me into frenzies of fear anymore. They have become my friends and I embrace them and what they are doing for me.



Author: grannyonthemovesite

I am a nutty lady of the 50 something group, 3 sons and at the moment 1 grand baby, 2 dogs and 1 black cat. I intend to make the most of my soon to be golden years but till then I want to do all that I can do before my bones become brittle and my body and mind turn to mush due to age. Now is the time of my life and I intend to make the most of it.

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